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My name is Cristina Istrati and I am an award winning published author, living in Romania:)) I started my writing journey 8 years ago, when I wrote my first book, a romance novel called Seductive Ambiguity. Search results for `ambiguity` - PhilPapers In this paper I discuss the interrelated topics of stereotype threat and attributional ambiguity as they relate to gender and gender identity.

In writing, the correct insertion or omission of a comma after “taxes” and the use of "which" can help reduce ambiguity here (for the first meaning, “, which” is properly used in place of “that”), or the sentence can be restructured to… Ambiguity - Examples and Definition of Ambiguity Although ambiguity is considered a flaw in writing, many writers use this technique to allow readers to understand their works in a variety of ways, giving them depth and complexity. Why writers should embrace ambiguity | Publication Coach

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Literature Glossary - Ambiguity - Shmoop And that's just what ambiguity is—a lack of clarity, of definite answers. In literature, authors purposely make use of ambiguity to make their writing complex, interesting, and even true to life. After all, talking about literature is much more fun when there's room for different interpretations. Top 10 ambiguous phrases to avoid when writing business ... One thought on “ Top 10 ambiguous phrases to avoid when writing business requirements - or your project will fail. Vic Summers 02/07/2015 at 5:13 pm. It’s really good to see that Be Positive are encouraging requirements to be written in a manner that takes account of the testability of the requirement; for too long business requirements have been written with IT being the main customer. Ambiguity definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary Ambiguity definition: If you say that there is ambiguity in something, you mean that it is unclear or confusing... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

The term ambiguity can be defined as a statement that contains two or more meanings, or a statement that is unclear. One may think that ambiguity in writing would be a bad thing, but it really depends on the subject matter. Ambiguity can be used as a literary device to effectively strengthen your writing in several ways.

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Textual ambiguity is the challenge that writers have in clearly sharing messages. Pivotal Writing Just make sure that your message is clear, otherwise your reader may become mired in ambiguity and get frustrated. Avoid Ambiguity: A Clarity Checklist - Zuula Ambiguity in art can be a powerful and inspiring tool. For example, I love Chet Baker’s rendition of “My Funny Valentine” because of its ambiguity. BG Writing Philosophy | Argument | Ambiguity

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- Very close to the concept of out of focus ideas…is the concept of ambiguity in your writing.…Now ambiguity just means leaving readers unsure…of what your meaning's actually,…because what you're saying could have…more than one meaning.…It goes way beyond the problem of misplaced modifiers,…because just one major ambiguity in your prose,…of any kind, can throw the whole thing ... What are some examples of ambiguous sentences? - Quora When you make statements that are ambiguous, you confuse the reader and hinder the meaning of the text. However, sometimes ambiguity is used deliberately to add humor to a text. Ambiguity: Exercises - - Ambiguity can also occur at so many levels of your writing…so you really need to be able to spot…the many different ways that it can crop up.…So, let's look at some more examples of ambiguity…and practice this skill of eliminating every shade of doubt…about what you, as the writer, could mean.…The friendship between Leonard and Mark…has never been the same since he left town ...

Vague Vs. Ambiguous: Which are You Writing? While "vague" and "ambiguous" are often considered synonyms, in a lot of places in the writing world, they don't mean the same thing. "Vague" deals with the story being out of focus and vapory. It's not quite anything. "Ambiguity" happens when something in the story could mean multiple things--supported by evidence. Ambiguity is like this picture. Free ambiguity Essays and Papers - - Ambiguity in Coover's Quenby and Ola, Swede and Carl Ambiguity occurs often in writing, and readers often choose to fill in the blanks with facts, which are not from the text. By filling in spaces in the story, the reader creates a plot, which fits into their understanding. SAT Writing : Correcting Ambiguity and Redundancy Errors Free practice questions for SAT Writing - Correcting Ambiguity and Redundancy Errors. Includes full solutions and score reporting.